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What is Nexar?


The Nexar platform revolutionizes and transforms the business of electronics. Nexar is a powerful API and data solution that democratizes information and brings people together, enabling them to work more efficiently and make smarter business decisions—transforming collaboration across different platforms in a seamless, connected, and straightforward manner.

In other words, it gives you programmatic access to comprehensive supply data, and if you are an Altium customer, your Altium 365 design data.


How does Nexar work?


The API uses GraphQL to provide a flexible way to efficiently query complex data. You can receive just the information you are interested in from our extensive data sources. This can be:


  • Design Information – Query designs in your A365 workspaces, pulling back a range of information from nets to component details to mCAD and positional information.
  • Supply information – Query part information from our extensive Octopart database. A supply plan provides access to over 70 million parts on Octopart which takes updates from electronic distributors with stock, pricing, lifecycle status, and lead time information updated daily.
  • Manufacturing information – Manufacturing execution, turn your designs into a saleable physical product through Altimade. 
  • Spectra – Intelligent, actionable insights. Spectra combines design, supply chain, and manufacturing insights for millions of electronic components, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.


The operations are categorized by their prefix. For example, desWorkspaces is identified as a design operation by the des prefix, while sup identifies an operation relating to supply information, e.g. supSearchMpn.

As well as queries, you can use the "Mutation" operation to make comments, upload projects, and more.

API Endpoints

The Sign-up Process

First things first, you will need to go to Once on this page, click on the "Sign in" option.

You will then be redirected to the Nexar Identity server. 

On this page, you can create a Nexar account by clicking "Create an account", or signing in with an existing account. If you choose to sign in with Google or Facebook, you do not need to explicitly create a Nexar account. A Nexar account will be created automatically and linked to your Google or Facebook account. If you are an Altium 365 user, you can sign in with your Altium 365 credentials and a Nexar account will be created automatically. If your Altium 365 organization uses Single-Sign-On, you can sign in with the "SSO" option. 

Joining an organization without an account

If you are invited to an organization without having an account when you click the "Accept invitation" button, you have joined the organization, however, you will need to create an account. You will need to click "Sign up" to create an account. 


You will then need to create an account by following a previous couple of steps of the guide or sign in with Google/Facebook/SSO. After creating your account, you will not need to create an organization as you have joined an existing one.

Signing in with Google/Facebook

This method works for both Facebook and Google, in this example, we will be showing how the Google sign-in works. On the sign-in page, click on the Google icon.

It will then redirect you to the Google sign-in page. You will then need to sign in with your Google account.

Once you have signed in through Google, you will be asked to create an organization.

Creating an account

To create an account without linking it to Google or Facebook, click "Create an account",  which will lead you to the signing-up process. 

Once you have clicked "Create an account", you will need to enter the email you want to use, along with a password. You will also need to verify you are not a robot by completing the captcha. 

After entering all your information, click "Sign up". You will then be sent an email with instructions to complete the sign-up process. You will then need to click "Activate Account". 

It will then redirect you to the sign-in page. You will then have to enter your information for your account to sign in. Once your information is entered, click "Sign in".

Creating an Organization

Once you sign in, you will be required to create an organization. If you need to join an existing organization instead, ask a member of the organization to invite you. 

Enter the name of your organization and the type, then click "Create".

Next Steps

You can keep going through the key concepts of the API by following this article on creating your first application

Where can I learn more?


Our support site includes various helpful materials such as our documentation, information on our data model, and FAQs 

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