Quick Fixes to Try - Common Difficulties

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 at 11:04 AM

Where are my client id and client secret?

Please find this guide on finding your client id/secret in the Nexar portal.

"ERROR: Unauthorized to access 'best_datasheet'. Please upgrade your Nexar subscription to include 'DATASHEETS' "

With our "Evaluation" plan, you receive all of the features included in our API to try out. Some additional features such as data sheets aren't necessarily available or included in lower plans, such as Standard or Pro. To avoid these errors you will need to add optional parameters into the login formula. The available parameters are: =NEXAR_SUPPLY_LOGIN(" clientId "," clientSecret "," ExcludeDatasheets "," ExcludeLeadTime "). Setting ExcludeDatasheets and ExcludeLeadTime to true will exclude these premium features. (Note: if unspecified these values default to false)

"Unable to log into Nexar application, check Client Id and Secret"

Double check that you've entered these fields correctly.

Check you don't have multiple workbooks/sheets open with the =NEXAR_SUPPLY_LOGIN(" clientId ", " clientSecret ") formula in. This can cause Excel some confusion.

Click the "Refresh Login" button on the "Nexar Supply" ribbon, also potentially "Rerun Failures" or even "Force Rerun All"

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