How can I use the Design Data?

Modified on Tue, 28 Mar 2023 at 01:10 PM

The design side of the Nexar API gives you extensive programmatic access to your design data with which many tools are possible to build. 

Nexar Design Render Demo

This example can be found on our github. Please see the readme file in the github repository or read below.

Intended Use Case

This demo is NOT intended as the basis for building an Altium 365 viewer. For this, we have a very complete embeddable viewer that is designed for a wide variety of use cases (it can be found here with example code on how to embed it here

This demo is intended for use cases that need to leverage PCB primitive information for the purposes of building capabilities that go beyond CAD viewing and collaboration. For example, this might be to create augmentation applications that see the physical and digital worlds combined, or downstream CAM type applications that would like to natively access design primitive data.

The API does not currently support geometric primitives, so this approach uses the PCB primitives and constructs the geometry based on primitive data, a line inflation algorithm (to create approximate geometric polygons) and then a tesselator to create the required triangle primitives for the shaders.

This demo is not intended as the basis on which anything is to be built, but to show what is possible with design primitive data in the API. This application is not optimized in any way, nor is it a good implementation when it comes to OpenTK (OpenGL). Its intention is to purely demonstrate how to access this type of data in the Nexar API and what is possible.

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