Do you have a Make example?

Modified on Wed, 27 Sep, 2023 at 3:16 PM

Yes! We have an example connecting Make to the Nexar API. 

Make is a workflow streamlining tool that allows you to connect different web applications for automation.

This example assumes that you are familiar with the authorization of APIs, and have a Make account.

You will need your access token (see the Authorization article to find it), and ensure that the redirect URL is available for use with your application (found under Apps > the application of your selection > Authorization > Redirect URLs). That redirect URL should be there by default, but if it is not you can add it with the Add URL button.

Once you have logged into Make, click Create Scenario, and the "+" button in the centre of the screen. Search for "http" and select the globe icon labelled "HTTP".

In the ACTIONS dropdown menu, select "Make a request":

The following entries will need to be made. Note that the query is an example query, that will use up 1 of your part limits. :


Method: GET


Name: Authorization

Value: Bearer <<Your Access Token>>

Don't forget the word Bearer that is included before your access token!

 Query String:

Query: query q2 { supSearch(q: "500R14N220JV4T", limit: 1) { results { part { mpn manufacturer { name } } } } }

Body type:


You can leave Request Content empty, and parse response as No.

Here are some images of the contents:

Click, OK

To test out your API request, click the purple play button "Run Once". The bubble on the right hand side of your scenario with a 1 in it is your response. 

This is what your response should look like, with the result of your Nexar query in the Output under Data:

Congratulations! You have successfully run a query in Make.

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