Upgrading or Downgrading your Plan

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I am interested in getting a plan

To unleash part supply access, you can subscribe to a paid subscription, granting your organization access to a certain number of part objects each month.,

A subscription comprises a base plan and zero or more optional features.

  • A plan controls your part quota allocation - how many returned parts you can access monthly. Your quota resets on 1st of each month.

  • A feature controls which specific fields of the API you have access to. For example, you may or may not want to pay for part datasheets or lifecycle status.

Subscriptions can be compared here.

Not all features are available for all plan levels. All features (and more) are available on enterprise plans.

If you have a paid subscription and use the Excel add-in, please ensure you are on the latest version (v0.5 or above).

I need to increase my part limit

As a supply API user, if you find the currently active plan is no longer sufficient to meet your needs you can upgrade your subscription.

On your dashboard, you can click "Go to plan" under Supply Scope Summary. You can also reach your plans by clicking on "Plans" on the left hand panel, followed by "Update your plan". 

Warning: Choose your features carefully! There is a current limitation that any change to add additional features (or a change to features which increases the montly cost) is treated as an upgrade and you will be charged in full. If you have questions contact us at support@nexar.com

When you choose your new plan, you will be billed as part of the upgrade translation, and your billing cycle will begin from that point.

The different plans available are described here.

If you are unsure of what plan you may need then please contact us using this form and we will be in touch.

I need to downgrade my plan

When you choose a new plan, you can both increase or decrease your part limit. When you downgrade, changes to your part limits or access to additional features will change at the start of your next billing cycle. This allows you to take full advantage of the part limits you have already paid for in the current billing cycle.

Cancelling your self-serve plan

If the plan you are on is not working for you, and you are on a pro- or standard- plan, you can cancel it via the portal.

Click 'Plans' on the left hand column, then 'Cancel subscription'

A pop-up will display when your plan and billing will end.

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