Part Limits & When they Reset

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 at 03:15 PM

Part limits allow us to control who is using the Nexar API. Every time you make a sup query that returns supply part data the number of part objects returned is counted and offset against your monthly limit. Your usage resets automatically on the 1st day of each month.

By default, most queries will return 10 parts. To control this you can use the "limit" input on your queries to set how many parts will be returned. This of course should be at least 1 but is capped at 100. Here's an example query:

query partLimitsDemo {
    supSearchMpn (
        limit: 3,
        q: "acs770"
        results {
            part {

...and below is the response. As you can see by the "hits" field, this query is finding 47 parts but only retrieving the data for and crucially only costing 3 parts. 

You can see your current usage and allowance from your dashboard. Alternatively, you can access this data programmatically with the admin queries in the API which are prefixed "adm". Here is an article on how to access your Nexar account information programmatically.

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