What is my first design query?

Modified on Fri, 29 Jul 2022 at 05:36 PM

Start with this simple design workspaces query:

query Workspaces {
  desWorkspaces {

This query gets the list of your Altium 365 workspaces and their fields. Some of these fields are used in subsequent queries as parameters: id is used by desWorkspaceByIdurl is used in many design queries, e.g. desProjects (workspace projects), desLibrary (workspace components), desTeam (workspace users), etc...

You may specify other fields in your desWorkspaces query - such as projects, library, team - and get for example all projects for all workspaces in one query. This might be useful for quick exploration of available data. But this is not always efficient from a practical point of view.

A particular workspace of interest is often selected first, and then its url or idis used in other queries for more details.

Unlike the parameterless desWorkspaces, other design queries require identification parameters (workspace URL or object identifier) obtained beforehand. That is why desWorkspaces is the typically the first query when exploring design data.

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